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What our customers say


I had the opportunity this summer to try one of Cucina Di Nana jams . The Fig Habanero and it was amazing . Had with crackers cheese and veggies, put on a grilled cheese sandwich mixed with eggs to make Frittata. The Best!! Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.


Cream cheese and Fig Habanero jam on a cracker! YUM!!


I had some store bought jam in the fridge and it was too sweet. So I might eat this whole jar of yours!

I literally ate the whole jar!!  🤣


Great. I will reorder Your fig jam is the best I have ever had 


Cucina di Nana fig jam is my JAM!!! It’s not too sweet and it’s never tart. It feels like I’m back in Tuscany the flavor is so fresh! I love it!


In the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city in India, we are taking a break and having some PB&J with your fig jam.

Enjoying Cucina de Nana Fig Jam in Mumbai City, India


Opened my fig jam, spoon tasted first to try and "delicious"! I used it to make a pizza! So good!

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